Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Although symptom relief is a goal of herbal medicine, a herbal formula should also provide the body with both the systemic and nutritive support it requires to restore itself to a healthy functional state. Through an interview and examination, drawing on both Traditional Chinese and Western diagnostic systems, a picture of an individual’s state of health is sketched out. The herbs most suited to meet that particular individual’s requirements are then matched with the sketch and a formula is created. Herbs are selected based on their Traditional Chinese and Western herbal energetic characteristics (temperature, flavor, organ affinity, etc.), current scientific research, and both historical and current clinical experience.


Ethically Wild-crafted Herbs

Many of the herbs used in clinic have been hand picked from remote areas in the mountains of Alberta and British Columbia. Small, sustainable amounts of individual herbs are harvested from a number of areas to avoid negative impact on the plant populations and to maximize the diversity of therapeutic chemicals present in the preparations of each plant species. Altitude, sunlight, rainfall, local soil and surrounding plant communities are a few of the factors that can influence the chemistry and therapeutics of a particular plant. By combining individual species from different regions into our formulations we believe that a stronger more comprehensive therapeutic scope is achieved. Other herbs (unavailable locally) are ordered from reputable herbal suppliers.

Herbal Services for Practitioners

Individual herbs and herbal formulations are also available to order for health care providers (Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths etc.) wishing to expand their scope of practice or for those simply looking for an alternative to generally available fixed formulas. If you are unfamiliar with herbal medicine but would like to offer it in your practice, consultations can be arranged to assist you in building custom formulations for your clients.


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