Having been researched and developed by the blind in Japan, palpation based acupuncture emphasizes information acquired by touch to determine where and how the acupuncture needles will be applied to the body. Tissue quality, temperature and lymphatic vessel tone/volume represent some of the signs used in this process.

In contrast to other acupuncture styles that insert many acupuncture needles at a time, palpation based acupuncture addresses one point at a time. After insertion, the practitioner will gently manipulate the acupuncture needle until the tissue around it acquires a correct healthy tone, the acupuncture needle will then be removed and the next point will be addressed.  As the session progresses the practitioner continues to monitor the overall tissue state and will choose subsequent points and areas to work on accordingly.

Depending upon the issue (musculoskeletal, gynecological, digestive, immunological, etc) different areas on the body will be emphasized in the treatment.  The individual state of the body is examined and worked upon throughout the course of every session and treatments are individually tailored each time the work is performed thus ensuring maximum efficiency and therapeutic progress.

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